Floor Cleaning Services

floor cleaning searvices

A.S. Cleanings Company offers our clients hard floor cleaning, scrubbing and buffing. Our floor scrubbing and buffing machine can scrub away grease and grime and then polish the floor so it has a gleaming shine. Ideal for residential floors, villa floors, halls or high traffic areas.

Reliable Floor Cleaning, Scrubbing & Buffing by A.S. Cleanings

Using latest cleaning equipment is our primary business. If you need to hire a floor cleaner of any type then we have the machines for you! We use cleaning equipment for almost any floor cleaning requirement whether it be to clean a shop or warehouse in a day or an entire shopping centre or airport over a 3 year contract AS Cleanings Company uses industrial cleaning machines for the floor cleaning, scrubbing and buffing!

At A.S. Cleanings, we provide a comprehensive floor cleaning services in Dubai to revive tired looking floors and give your workplace a new lease of life. We have extensive experience in all aspects of hard floor cleaning including scrubbing, buffing and polishing for all types of apartment or residential premises.

We will strip off old polish, leaving the floor clean and grime free and reapply. We can completely revive your hard floors and make your home or apartment look fresh and new.

Our Floor Cleaning Method

Regular floor scrubbing and buffing, cleaning and maintenance of hard floors will prevent the build-up of dirt and grime and ultimately protect your flooring. A deep clean should be a part of your floor care program to restore protective qualities and keep your business looking at its best.

Different types of floor surfaces require specialist knowledge and skill to clean without damaging the integrity of the surface. A.S. Cleanings has the expertise and specialist equipment to seal hard floors where appropriate. With our floor cleaning expertise for floor scrubbing and buffing, you can be sure your floor gets cleaned without invasive procedures and to an exceptionally high standard of workmanship.

Our fully trained and insured operatives have an in-depth knowledge of all types of hard floor cleaning, floor scrubbing and buffing in a large range of commercial premises. We will use appropriate cleaning methods and restoration techniques to ensure your flooring stays in tip-top condition.

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